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Curobotic is a leading software development company dedicated to delivering future-proof solutions. We leverage cutting-edge technologies like web, mobile, AI, blockchain, and IoT to empower businesses and propel them forward. We believe in building long-term partnerships and fostering a collaborative environment to achieve your vision.

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  • Technical Brilliance
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Our Services

Empowering Your Business Through Innovation

Craft exceptional websites that engage users and drive results. We build modern, responsive experiences for any device.

Web Development

Transform your ideas into powerful mobile apps. We create user-friendly apps for iOS and Android that elevate your brand.

Mobile App Development

Bring your software vision to life. We build custom applications that solve complex problems and streamline your workflow.

Software Development

Leverage the power of AI to unlock new possibilities. We develop intelligent solutions that automate tasks and improve efficiency.

AI Solutions

Connect your world with the Internet of Things. We develop solutions that integrate devices and data for smarter operations.

IoT Development

Craft a powerful online presence and reach your target audience. We develop comprehensive marketing strategies to achieve your goals.

Digital Marketing & Branding

Core Team

Building the Future, Together

Dipankar Dutta

Co-founder, Curobotic

pallabi Sharma

Co-founder, Curobotic

Manzoor Raziq

Co-founder, Curobotic

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